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Share Your Project Photos and Videos

Share Your Project Photos and Videos ...

Take advantage of our file exchange affiliate program. The program intent is to help architects, designers, and many other professionals in the field to gain additional visibility and exposure. This is a mutually beneficial program that will give you the opportunity to share your most successful projects and design ideas with thousands of clients and visitors to our website. The program is also an excellent promoting tool for our products, it amplifies the positive response to our design approaches, and helps us to continuously work on improving and developing better products.


Benefits ...

You will benefit from receiving a one-time credit / discount on your current or any future order. The discount rate will be in the range of a 5-15% price reduction toward your purchase amount, depending on the project size and quality of submitted materials. To qualify for discount, you must provide us with high-quality photos and videos as per specifications below. If you are an architect, designer, display builder, cabinet maker, or sign maker you will have the opportunity to gain additional exposure, receive referrals and take advantage of cost saving benefits by labeling your photos. As new images are constantly being added to our Online Photo Gallery, it will become an excellent source for design ideas as well as a valuable clientèle-gathering database for many design professionals. Click here to see examples of project photos submitted to us. If you need to learn more about the file sharing affiliate program call us at 800-573-9688.

Prepare Files

Prepare Your Files ...

Send only high-resolution pictures and quality videos. For best quality save / prepare your image files as .JPG or .TIFF format and videos as .AVI or .MP4 format following the specifications below:

Photo/Image Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pixel Dimensions: 1650 x 2200 pixels
Resolution: 200 dpi (pixels/inch)
Overall File Dimension: 10.4M
Color Mode: CMYK or RGB

Video Preferences: H.264
14mb/s for 720p
18mb/s for 1080p
AAC audio 320kb/s

Submit Photos & Videos

Submit / Transfer Your Photos and Video Files ...

There are two ways to send us files:
• Write a DVD and send it by mail to Nova Display, Inc., 1626 Piner Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
• Upload to our FTP site.

Transfer files via your preferred FTP program (Fetch, etc…)
Address: – Nova Display supplied username and password required / please call or request by email.

Notify us after transfer is complete:
Please call 800-753-9688 or send an e-mail message.

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